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Title : Biological Activity of Some Plant Extracts Against Callosobruchus maculatus (F.(

Abstract :

Acacia farnesiana, Platychladus [Thuja] orientalis Endl, Swietenia mahogoni (Linn) Jaq and Pancratium maritimum are four plants growing in Egypt. Hexane and ethanol had been used to extract oils from tested plants. Leaves and seeds were used from A. farnesiana, and P. [Thuja] orientalis Endl and leaves from S. mahogoni (Linn) Jaq while bulbs were used from Pancratium maritimum. All extracted oils were evaluated on Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) biology. Plant oil extracted from Cassia seeds with ethanol had the strongest effect and decreased hatching to 0.5% with concentration of 5 grams crude extract/kilo gram seed and also had the strongest reduction with 100% reduction with the same concentration. All tested extracted oils had an effect against F1 progeny and after storage cassia leaves had the weakest effect and the extract had no effect on biology after two months of treatment. All tested extracted had a negative effect on seed germination and Arbor-vitae leaves had the most negative effect on cowpeas seeds with 75% germination.

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