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Title : Benefits Perceived by the Students regarding E-learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract :

Many countries ordered closure of all educational institutes due to COVID-19. A sample of 300 students was selected from all the 6 constituent colleges of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Students from 2nd and 3rd year were selected from which 50 students was selected randomly from each college to assess the benefits perceived by the students regarding e-learning platforms during COVID-19. Data collection was done through “Google Forms” which was sent on Whatsapp and e- mail. Frequency, percentage and mean per cent score were used for analysing the data statistically. On the basis of the data obtained it can be concluded that a flexible schedule and convenience (MPS 81.88) was found to be the major benefits perceived by the respondents in the e-learning followed by favourable for people with restricted mobility (MPS 81.11) and it also helps in an easy and quick share of educational material. A number of the respondents also believed that e-learning is helpful in saving time and money and in increasing general awareness of the respondents.

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