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Title : Beauveria bassiana Mass Production On Solid Substrate and Compatibility with Botanicals Used in Organic Crop Pest Management

Abstract :

Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin is a promising entomopathogenic fungus used as a biological pesticide that mycosis a wide range of arthropod hosts. In agricultural fields, a significant amount of agricultural waste is generated. Laboratory studies on the combination of botanicals and entomopathogenic fungi, as well as their compatibility, could provide useful information for the development of pest management strategies in organic agriculture. Therefore, efforts were made in this study to grow the B. bassiana on agricultural wastes for spore production and to determine B. bassiana compatibility with botanicals that are alternatives to synthetic chemical insecticides. Among the substrates tested, chopped potato slice resulted in significantly highest spore production of test fungus as support the maximum production of spore load (4.3× 108 cfu/gm) followed by rice (4.1× 108 cfu/gm) whereas sawdust supported least spore load than other substrates on 25th DAI. In vitro, nine different botanicals were tested against B. bassiana at a concentration of 10%. The maximum radial mycelial growth was observed in Eucalyptus globulus (5.08 cm), with the percent growth inhibition (43.66%), whereas the botanicals were Azadirachta indica (72.0%) and Prospis juliflora (70.55%) have an inhibitory effect on B. bassiana.

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