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Title : Azadirachtaindica:a review on its conventionaluses, phytoconstituents and pharmacological actions

Abstract :

Azadirachtaindica, a genus of family Meliaceae, is generally referred to as Neem and has been documented for its role in curing ailments. All parts of A. indica tree have therapeutic activity and can be used commercially. The plant is kept in use for ages in various medicinal systems such as Ayurveda, Unani, and homoeopathic medicines. It is also regarded as a new medication for cynosis. A. indica is easy to obtain, and its low cost have made it possible for many people to take advantage of this dynamic plant. In the last five decades, significant improvement has made concerning the biological action and therapeutic functions of A. indica and the chemistry of neem compounds. Nowadays, it is regarded asan essential resource of specific biological inventions for developing medicines for different illnesses and industrial products. Utilising traditional medicine and medicinal plants as a regulatory basis for maintaining good health was commonly observed in most developed countries. Over the last century, about 130 pharmaceutical products were discovered by conventional scientists and physicists. This review focuses primarily on the A. indica biological actions, health effects of its ingredients and some of its isolated substances, pharmacological actions, clinical trials, medicinal applications and their safety assessment.

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