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Title : Awareness and Knowledge of farm women regarding climate change

Abstract :

Climate Change directly affects agriculture production & production efficiency. It affects agriculture in terms of productivity, agriculture practices, environmental effects, rural space and adaptation. Climate change is the biggest threat to agriculture in India but still the farmers are not fully aware of climate change and its indicators, causes & impacts. The objective of the study was to know the extent of awareness and knowledge of farm women regarding climate change, its effects and situation specific coping strategies. The study was conducted in village Gudli of Mavli block from Udaipur district of Rajasthan State. For this, the data was collected from 100 farm women. The data was analysed using appropriate statistical tools like frequency, percentages. More than half of the respondents i.e. 58 per cent had medium and 42 per cent had high awareness about causes of climate change. A majority (85%) of the respondents were aware about the ill effect of pesticides, increase of disease of crop (62%) and increase in infestation of pest due to climate change (47%). The awareness regarding global warming (68%), use of pesticides & burning of fossils and farm waste was not there to most of the respondents (51-54%). The knowledge about flood was nil in all the respondents (100%) as Rajasthan is not flood prone area.

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