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Title : Automatic seed cum fertilizer drill: Modification and performance evaluation for intercropping

Abstract :

The plastic roller cup feeding and weighing mechanism of the automatic sowing and fertilizing drill was improved for sowing between wheat chickpea (2: 1) and wheat mustard (3: 1). Weighing rollers were selected based on seed shape and size and the number of cells in the periphery. Different types of seed flow from each cup feeding roller were achieved by splitting the seed hopper in separate compartments. For the selection of weighing mechanism, calibration was performed among the seven available cup feeding weighing rollers with different combinations of seed box exposure lengths. The improved intercropping seed drill was calibrated in the laboratory for the required seed rate. The seed rate for wheat-chickpea intercropping is 75 kg / ha for wheat with 4 rollers and 25 kg / ha for chickpeas with 5 rollers on a seed box exposure scale of 7. I found out. The required seed rate for wheat-mustard cropping is 75 kg / ha for wheat with 4 rollers and 6 kg / ha for mustard with 7 rollers on the seed box exposure scale. It turned out. The effective field capacity of the sowing and fertilizing drill for chickpeas was 0.42 ha / h, and that for the mustard mustard intercropping was 0.47 ha / h. As a result of agricultural studies, wheat-chickpea (2: 1) intercropping was performed better than wheat-mustard (3: 1) intercropping and single crops.

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