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Title : Augmenting the productivity of Barnyard millet through crop establishment and nutrient management techniques in sodic soil

Abstract :

Barnyard millet is one of the hardiest, climate resilient and fast growing crop that is bestowed with high nutrient content in grains. An experiment was carried out in barnyard millet under natural sodic soil condition to study the effect of different methods of crop establishment and to optimize the nutrient requirement for barnyard millet (Kudiraivali) under sodic soil condition using the short duration high yielding variety Co (KV)2 during kharif season in 2016 at Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute. The experiment was carried out in FRBD comprising two factors viz., crop establishment techniques like line sowing at 25 x 10 cm (E1) and 35 x 10 cm (E2) and transplanting at 25 x 10 cm (E3) and 35 x 10 cm (E4) and nutrient management practices of N1 at 75 %, N2 100% and N3 125 % recommended dose of fertilizers. The experiment was replicated thrice. Totally twelve treatment combinations were analyzed. Results revealed that transplanting of barnyard millet at 35 x 10 cm with 125 % RDF recorded higher grain yield of 980 kg/ha with increased growth parameters like plant height, number of tillers and yield attributes viz., number of panicles, length of panicle and weight of the panicle in sodic soil.

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