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The study was conducted in College of Horticulture, Venkataramannagudem, and College of Horticulture, Anantharajupeta, Dr.YSRHU, Venkataramannagudem in Andhra Pradesh state. The data collected from the graduates of two constituent colleges. Thus total 120 respondents were selected by using random sampling method. The majority of respondents were female, having rural background and had medium annual income ranged from Rs.1,51,832/- to 9,42,835/-, with marginal land holding. Majority of the respondent parents were in government service. Most of the respondents secured first class during their graduation with low participation in extra curricular activities. Majority of the respondents had medium level of decision making ability, achievement motivation, hortibussiness anxiety, innovativeness and risk orientation. Majority of respondents had medium level of personal entrepreneurship capability, sensitizations, and medium level of interest in studying the hortipreneurial concepts and medium level of tendency ie, level of inclination or likeliness towards hortipreneurship and they were having favorable attitude towards hortipreneurship.

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