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Title : Assessment of Temperature Impact on Wheat Varieties using Info Crop Model

Abstract :

The present experiment was conducted at Research farm of Rajasthan Agricultural Research Institute, Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University, Durgapura, Jobner, Rajasthan during Rabi season 2016-17 and 2017-18 using double split plot design with three replications consisting thirty-six treatment combinations, namely, main plots: irrigation levels (0.6 Etc, 0.8 Etc, 1.0 ETc and 1.2 ETc), sub plots: varieties (Raj 4120, Raj 4079 and Raj 4238) and sub-sub plots: Dates of sowing (15th Nov., 30th Nov. and 15th Dec.) treatments. The Results revealed that Info Crop model was calibrated and validated with experimental data of three wheat cultivars (Raj 4120, Raj 4079 and Raj 4238) under different dates of sowing and irrigation scheduling. The model performance was evaluated using average error (Bias), root mean square error (RMSE) Normalized RMSE (nRMSE) and index of agreement (d) and it was observed that there is a good agreement between simulated and measured durations. Based on these results it can be concluded that the model was very accurate in predicting the growth parameters like leaf area index, biomass production and yield and captured the temporal patterns of yield variability reasonably well when compared to observed field data with good accuracy (error % between10-20). It is concluded that the Info Crop model is suitable option to predict wheat yield under semi-arid conditions of Rajasthan.

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