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Title : Assessment of post-harvest quality of guava cv. Pant Prabhat under different canopy heights and planting densities

Abstract :

The experiment was conducted to study the influence of canopy height, planting density, and their interactions on the post-harvest quality of guava. The experiment consisted of 4 different canopy heights [1.25m (H1), 1.5m (H2), 1.75m (H3), and unpruned (H4)] and 3 planting densities [5555 (D1), 3333 (D2), and (D3) 4444 plants ha-1] with total 12 treatment combinations laid out in factorial RBD was conducted to evaluate the post-harvest quality of rainy and winter season guava fruits at different period intervals (2, 4 and 6 days after harvesting or DAH) under ambient storage conditions. Winter season crop superseded rainy season crop in maintaining the fruit quality at 6DAH with reduced loss in physiological weight, volume, TSS, titratable acidity and ascorbic acid contents. Spoilage percentage was more than 60% in both seasons with a little higher in the rainy season on the 6th DAH. During the winter season, canopy at 1.25m height (H1) and in the rainy crop, at 1.75 m (H3) with 3333 planting densities (D2) showed supremacy in maintaining the fruit quality during 6 days storage under ambient conditions.

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