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Title : Applying PR current control in Parallel Active Filter for harmonic mitigation in the power distribution system

Abstract :

Current harmonics is one of the most common events that affect power quality in the distribution system. Parallel active filter (PAF) is the best solution to minimize harmonic distortion, but its effectiveness depends on how quickly and accurately its control algorithms can perform. In order to improve power system quality and mitigate the harmonics, this paper proposes the parallel active filter using a proportional resonant (PR) current control. Compared with PI controllers, the complexity of PR controllers is reduced considerably, combined with its good performance. Simulations were carried out using MATLAB/Simulink software to validate the performance of the PAF connected to a nonlinear load. The simulation results showed the effectiveness of proposed PR current control and the harmonic compensators to reduce the harmonics in the grid current. This reduction in harmonics is compliant to the IEEE 519 standard recommendations on harmonics levels.

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