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Title : Animal Traction AND Agricultural Productivity In Niger: Case Of The Regions Of Maradi and Zinder

Abstract :

A study was conducted from June 15 to August 24, 2020 in six terroirs of the regions of Zinder and Maradi. Data collection was carried out by using a survey, which provided information on the use of animal traction, yield of work, the area exploited and the manpower mobilized depending on the type of energy used. Results showed that the yield from manual plowing is 23±4.14 men/days/ha compared to an average of 2 days/ha with animal traction. Farms using animal traction represent 90% of all the farms surveyed. The mean agricultural area of farmers using animal traction (4.35 ± 4.62 ha in Maradi and 8.27 ± 4.34 ha in Zinder) is greater than that of farmers who do not practice it (3.07 ± 1.38 in Maradi and 6.5 ha ± 4.95ha in Zinder). The manpower used in animal traction is 3±1.23 men / days / ha for plowing. The yield of manual groundnut or nutgrass sowing is 14 men/days/ha against 2±0.39 days/ha with animal traction. These results show that with well-trained animals, animal traction has contributed to the improvement of agricultural production in these two regions of Niger.

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