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Title : AnanasApp: Development of Fertilizer Calculator App for Pineapples

Abstract :

Pineapple is a fruit crop that constantly contribute to Malaysian agricultural GDP. Local pineapple industry is dominated by smallholders who are largely ill-equipped with ICT and modern technology. Sarawak as the nation’s second largest producer after Johor, has a substantial yet declining size of agriculture, forestry, and fishing workforce. Therefore, the state needs to capitalise on the increasingly accessible e-agriculture technology and high value crop such as MD2 pineapple (Ananas comosus var. MD2) to optimise yield and workforce. Efficient fertiliser management is essential to ensure sufficient and timely usage of fertiliser and related resources. Therefore, the AnanasApp mobile app is introduced as a tool to boost ICT application in local pineapple industry. AnanasApp that is built for the Android platform, is designed to assist with fertiliser management across all pineapple farming scales by identifying fertiliser requirements and costs per crop cycle, and guiding users to systematic fertilisation application. Equipped with important features such as simplicity, ease of use, user-friendliness, and high level of accessibility, the app can also attract younger pineapple growers and subsequently sustain the industry’s workforce.

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