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Title : Analysis of vibration transmission characteristics of cutting bench under multi-source excitation

Abstract :

Aiming at the vibration transmission problem of the cutting bench. The variation law of the various vibration signal when it is transmitted to the cutting bench was studied. The vibration characteristics under different forward speeds were compared and analyzed. Among the various working parts of the combine harvester, the moment that engine is started has the strongest impact on the vibration of the cutting bench, reaching 22.492 m/s2, and the vibration is transmitted rapidly. The maximum amplitude excitation frequencies corresponding to the engine, threshing drum and cutting bench are 38.086 Hz, 39.063 Hz and 40.039 Hz respectively. After the cutting bench was started, the vibration amplitude was up to 1.198 μm. From idle working state to high-speed working state, the maximum value of cutting bench vibration increased by 31.27%, and the root mean square value increased by 9.64%. There is a positive correlation between cutting bench and harvester’s forward speed. The maximum amplitude corresponding to idle working state is 3.629 μm. The corresponding maximum amplitude increases to 6.031 μm at high-speed working state. This paper provides a basis for vibration transmission analysis of combine harvester.

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