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Title : Analysis of the Need for Agricultural Machinery Based on Region and Commodity in Indonesia

Abstract :

The objectives of this study are: 1) To assess the potential uses of agricultural machinery, 2) To identify the number and distribution of government machinery aid in Indramayu, and 3) To need analyze of machinery based on a potential commodity. The results of the descriptive analysis revealed that the level of use of agricultural mechanization for rice cultivation in Indonesia in 2018 was an average of 60.5%, where the level of use of agricultural mechanization in 17 provinces in Indonesia had exceeded the national average. The population of the machineries continues to increase where in 2014 the number was only 12,501 units, but in 2020 the number jumped to 365,328 units. Compared to the availability of machineries, there are quite a lot of gaps, namely for tractor as many as 2565 units, thresher 3834 units and combine harvester as many as 1000 units. The policy recommendation are presented.

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