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Title : Analysis of Population Structure and Genetic Diversity in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Germplasm using SSR Markers

Abstract :

Four hundred eighty four rice germplasm were characterized using41 microsatellite markers that cover the whole genome to assess the genetic diversity. The degree of polymorphism was detected by calculating PIC values, allelic frequency and genetic diversity was calculated. The mean value of major allele frequency was observed to be 0.33 and varied from 0.23 (RM26) to 0.66 (RM125). The polymorphism information content of 41 markers varied from 0.48 (RM125) to 0.80 (RM324) with an average of 0.71.The average gene diversity was observed to be 0.75 and varied from 0.51 (RM125) to 0.83 (RM324).Phylogenetic cluster analysis of the SSR data based on distance divided all genotypes into three groups (I, II and III), whereas model based clustering method divided these genotypes in to three groups (SP1, SP2 and SP3) However, the result from both the analysis is in well agreement with each other for clustering on the basis of diverse nature of selected germplasm.

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