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Title : Anaerobic digestion of biomass for energy generation

Abstract :

The continuous depletion of fossil fuel reserves, consequent escalation in fuel prices and growing environmental concerns have triggered a renewed interest in exploration of alternate substrates as a source of energy. The use of renewable energy sources is gaining importance as alternative sources of energy, to reduce emission of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel sources that have impact on global warming. In the context of providing a devolved and sustainable energy supply the potential of anaerobic digestion of biomass is of particular interest. The product of anaerobic digestion of biomass is biogas which is a type of biofuel. Biogas is produced by fermentation of biodegradable materials by microbial consortia employing anaerobic digesters. These digesters can be fed with biomass and during the digestion process, biodegradable wastes are transformed into renewable energy in the form of methane, that can be used for heating, lightening, electricity generation and many other operations.

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