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Title : An Evaluation of Turkey’s Renewable Energy Using WASPAS, Fuzzy TOPSIS and MULTIMOORA Methods

Abstract :

Energy is currently one of the most fundamental resources that countries need for economic and social development. Energy needs are increasing day by day as a result of increasing population, global growth and industrialization. However, fossil fuels used to meet this increasing energy demand are gradually decreasing. Therefore, it is necessary for countries to benefit from clean, cheap and easily available energy resources in order to compete economically. For this reason, Renewable Energy (RE) sources are widely used today as an alternative to traditional energy sources. Consequently, multi-criteria decision-making methods have been used in this study to evaluate criteria, such as the availability of renewable energy resources in Turkey, initial installation costs, continuity and efficiency, together. The multi-criteria decision making methods used in this study were WASPAS, Fuzzy TOPSIS and MULTIMOORA, which have frequently featured in published literature over recent years. It is aimed to give Turkey to a more sustainable future in this area by focusing on the evaluation of renewable energy sources. The study is intended to be a valuable resource for renewable energy scientists and for future studies.

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