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Title : An Assessment of in- Service Training Needs for Extension Functionaries in Kota Division of Rajasthan

Abstract :

The changing scenario in agriculture, economy and communication has also increased the need for improving the skills of extension personnel. The first step in improving the skills of extension personnel would be to assess their training needs. The study was conducted in the year 2020-21. The present study was conducted in the Department of Agricultural extension and communication and the Kota division of Rajasthan was purposively selected for the study. The respondents were the Agricultural extension functionaries and the sample size was 130. The important training needs aspects were subject matter and extension ability. The important training need areas identified in order of importance are Soil science, Agronomy Marketing, Govt. polices and post harvesting technology, Plant protection and Extension ability. As the training needs of extension personnel changed over time, hence, training needs assessment should also be done on a regular basis and the important areas in which the extension personnel needs training should be considered while planning training for the extension personnel. Thus, appropriate measures should be taken by the department and other training institutions in addressing their grievances.

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