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Title : Adoption of Eco-friendly management practices in vegetable crops by tribal farmers of Madhya Pradesh

Abstract :

The eco-friendly farming utilizes most efficiently the traditional practices of crop rotations with legumes, tillage practices to improve soil texture, application of adequate organic matter to sustain, retain and release soil moisture, nutrient to match crop needs and correlation factors of soil ill health. The present study was conducted in Narmadapuaram district of Madhaya Pradesh with 120 respondents of 10 villages which were selected randomly. In the adoption of eco-friendly management practices by vegetable farmers, majority of the respondents (61.67%) were of medium adoption category, followed by 23.33 percent respondents with low adoption and only 15.00 percent respondents with high adoption of eco-friendly technologies. Correlation analysis showed that the vegetable farmers with high level of education, social participation, annual income and having subsidiary occupation along with farming were having more knowledge about eco-friendly management practices in comparison to those with lower level of above stated variables and having only farming as occupation.

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