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Title : Acute Toxicity Evaluation of Aqueous Extract from Hertia cheirifolia in Swiss Albino Mice

Abstract :

Hertia cheirifolia L. is a medicinal plant belonging to Asteraceae family. It is traditionally used to treat gastrointestinal ailments, infections, and spasms. The aim of this study is to evaluate the oral acute toxicity of aqueous extract from Hertia cheirifolia on female Albino wistar mice. Animals were divided into three groups, the first group received distilled water and was used as control; Mice of the second and third groups received the plant extract at doses of 2g/kg and 5g/kg body weight of animals, respectively. The mice were monitored for 14 days for their general behavior, adverse effects and mortality. The results showed that no death or toxic signs were observed, no changes were seen in food consumption, body weight and organ weight in the treated animals compared to the controls. However, an increase in AST and ALT levels was recorded in mice treated with the extract.

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