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Title : A study on the role of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) on Tribal livelihood development.

Abstract :

Tribal economy and development is mainly dependent on the Forest and Non wood forest products. The non wood forest products are mainly the products and services availed from the other those timber products of the forest and the fringed areas. Traditionally these forest products are having direct impact on the livelihood of the tribal communities. This study has been designed to analyse the role of the Non wood forest products on the livelihood of the tribal communities in the Tamil Nadu State, India. Three of the major tribal communities in the Nilgiris Hills, Kolli hills and the Kalvarayan Hills were taken for the study. The key informant method was followed and 80 informants were selected to collect the primary data. An exhaustive list of the available NWFPs was also inventorised. The contribution of the livelihood through the products ranged from 50-10 % based upon the collection and marketing of the products.

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