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Title : A study on marketing pattern of traditional knowledge of dry fermented fish under valley region of Manipur

Abstract :

The study was carried out in three markets of Imphal west district and two markets of Bishnupur district due to having the traditional knowledge of dry fermented fish predominantly a total of 120 respondents were randomly selected the fish marketing enterprise in these areas is slightly dominated by the females in the study area. The income range of 41.67 per cent of the business falls annually in the range of ₹ 3 to 7 lakhs. Total three marketing channels involves for transferring dry fermented fish to the ultimate consumers. The total marketing cost, marketing margin and the price spread was found to be highest in channel-I with ₹ 15, ₹ 65 and ₹ 80, respectively; out of the total 75.00 per cent sold of fish including dry fermented fish and 91.67 per cent of the marketers maintained that fish supply is very regular, while most of the respondents (90.00 per cent) found as an profitable venture. During the market conduct cent per cent of the respondents get information on market situation through personal contact, even the buyers shows that majority (61.67 per cent) arrived through haggling, whereas 55.00 per cent said prices were fixed by both the sellers and the agents. The constraints are transportation, lack of storage facilities, breakage / leakage of pots, presence of exploitative middlemen etc, It is recommended that local fish marketers should be organized into co-operative groups and government should adequately provide good market facilities to improve market efficiency to reduce the marketing cost.

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