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Title : A Study on Livelihood Security of respondents in Adoption and Acculturation of Digital Technologies in NCR Region of Haryana state

Abstract :

The present study was conducted in Karnal, Rohtak and Jhajjar districts of Haryana state covering 360 respondents. Results showed that majority of the respondents had availability of refrigerator, sickle, scooter/motorcycle, accessed safe drinking water within the premises, had toilets within their house with flush type of sanitary latrine, had electricity and separate space for cooking and were using LPG for cooking. Overall Livelihood Security was found medium in all the selected three districts. Therefore, in case of significant and positive correlation of independent variables with livelihood security indicators, the null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected in relationship between independent and livelihood security of farmers. Livelihood security had significant and positive relationship with z value at 5 per cent level of significance which showed that it is between -1.96 to +1.96, therefore, the data falls between the acceptance region, that’s why null hypothesis is accepted.

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