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Title : A study on Foreign Matters Analysis in lint grade of some Egyptian Cotton Varieties and their Effect on Fiber and yarn Quality

Abstract :

This study was carried out to investigate the effect of the cleaning process (cleaning and without cleaning) and lint grades six grades (G/FG, G, FGF/ G, FGF, GF/FGF and GF) on fiber quality (upper half mean length m.m.), uniformity index% fiber strength g/Tex and micronair value and yarn quality – C. V%-) of some extra-long-staple cotton varieties (Giza 93, Giza87, Giza92, Giza96, and Giza88) and some long-staple cotton verities (Giza86, giza94, giza97, giza90 and Giza 95) and their interaction. Results indicated that the difference between cleaning treatments’ upper half mean length (m.m), uniformity index%, fiber strength (g/Tex), Micronair, yarn strength, and yarn and yarn evenness (C.V%) were significant at all varieties of extra-long staple. Results showed that differences between lint grades six were significant. G/FG and G grades gave the best values for all studied traits, and GF gave the worst values for all these traits. Also, results indicated that the differences between verities were significant for all studied traits. The interaction between the cleaning process and verities on yarn strength and yarn evenness (C.V%) was significant.

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