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Title : A Real-time Convenient Bioacoustics Species ID Plan Ideas

Abstract :

Recently there has been an increasing demand of an automated system for animal species identification, where it needs a perfect good knowledge, understanding of the nature under vision and proper efficient system design. Embedded systems nowadays are offering a brilliant solution. Based on nature of economic and feasibility of advanced, embedded technology is chosen. This paper proposes a design of real-time portable bioacoustics species identification system. It contains two major correlated modules apart, the identification module and the system control module. The identification module is to be implemented in FPGA hardware to achieve species identification process while the system control module will manage and control the entire system. The proposed system is a combination of hardware, software development and operating system customization. It is designed to be decentralize, therefore the need of any server is eliminated. It can be placed anywhere, can be viewed and accessed from anywhere through a web server built-in.

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