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Title : A Novel Soilless Culture Facility and Root Zone Temperature Control System

Abstract :

Soilless cultivation is a way to overcome the obstacles of continuous cropping, secondary salinization and other issues. Due to the weak buffering capacity of root microenvironment and high sensitivity for changes in the environment, the control of root zone temperature is difficult. A novel type of soilless culture facility was designed to solve the above problem, which was composed of soilless cultivation trough, cultivation bracket, water and sewer pipelines, and temperature control system. Three experiments were taken to test its control performance,1) By the experiment on temperature control performance test of flow water, it was validated that the designed soilless culture facility could control flow-through water temperature effectively and accurately 2) After finishing the experiment on temperature control performance test of culture substrate in cultivation tank, it could be verified that the novel soilless cultivation facility could control the temperature of culture substrate in cultivation tank accurately and effectively 3) The experiment on lettuce growth under the effect of root zone temperature control was done, which could prove that root zone temperature affects crop’s growth directly. Experimental results showed the practicality and the reasonability of the novel soilless culture facility and its root zone temperature control system.

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