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Title : A NEW Creation OF Alert Update LOCKING (ARL) SECURITY Framework

Abstract :

Alarm Reminder Locking (ARL) Security System mainly focuses on a door security system, which can install in the door area to increase the security level for home, office room, hostel or other places. This system used Arduino Controller and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology, which is the cheapest source to embed the security system to transmit the Short Message Service (SMS) alert data. This device integrates three functions that are alarming, reminder and locked for a purpose of safety and connecting via mobile phone to remind the users through SMS. This device has a 3 modes of operation which is the system will be functional when the door is not improperly closed for the first reminder with the buzzer alert. The second mode is automated locked will be activated when users closed the door, but did not lock manually. Intrusion mode will activate while auto locked modes are interrupted without proper access. All this integrated system will provide high security access against intrusion occurrence. This security device will bring a new benefit to the user to consider about the user- friendly application, low power consumption and reasonable cost to install

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