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Title : A Deep Learning Technique for Automatic Classification of HSI Land Use and Land Cover images

Abstract :

In the field of remote sensing, Land Use (LU) and Land Cover (LC) classification problem is one of the major formidable tasks. In this paper, we have considered Visakhapatnam City for LU and LC classification. Neural Networks has become a fast enhancing tool in order to accomplish complex tasks in many challenging applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Various kinds of Neural Networks are existing nowadays to cater wide range of applications. In this paper, implementation of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for a problem is considered. CNN is a kind of Deep Learning technique, which is generally applied to applications related to classification of images, clustering them depending on similarity measure and does object identification within the images. Using CNN, we have performed LU and LC Classification of Visakhapatnam City and attained an accuracy of 95.38%.

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