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Title : A comprehensive review on versatility of power tiller

Abstract :

The large number of farmers (86%) of India comes under small and marginal category. They cannot afford large size equipment like tractors and tractor drawn implements with their meagre income. On the other hand, power tillers are comparatively less costly and are versatile machines by which a large number of farm operations can be performed. It is simple in maintenance and operator can easily repair it on site without much skill. The external attachments are available or can be developed as per the nature of work. The power tiller is suitable in hilly regions particularly on bench terraces, small paddy fields with steep bunds, interculture and spraying operation in the crops with row spacing less than 1 m and in vegetable cultivation in plain region. On mountains, power tillers achieve better work performance and precise use than four-wheel tractors due to light in weight which suits for hilly territory. This study was conducted to generate a representative scenario of the status of the power tiller in India and analyze the research conducted regarding uses of power tiller in cultivation and other activities, suitability for hilly terrain, ergonomics perspectives and constraints in popularization of power tiller. The study reveals the versatility of power tiller to complete the farm operations, post disaster and agro-forest management related activities timely with increased production, productivity and reduced associated drudgery.

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