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Title : A Bias Gantry Profiling Boom Sprayer for Orchard Protection

Abstract :

An air-assisted sprayer sends liquid medicine to a canopy of orchard plants for protection. However, the inherent drift in this method lowers the pesticide utilization. To meet the gardening requirements of a short-anvil densely planted apple orchard, a profiling boom sprayer was designed, and the operation requirements and prototype operation parameters of plant protection were determined. The droplet depositions in the upper, middle, and lower layers of the targets and in the inner, middle and outer rings were analyzed in field experiments. The standard deviations of the droplet deposition coverage rates on free, slender, and high spindles at different heights were 4.43, 2.82, and 5.29, respectively, and those of the droplet deposition densities were 5.97, 4.98, and 6.15, respectively. All p-values exceeded 0.05, indicating that droplets from the outer ring were uniformly distributed at different canopy heights. The average droplet deposition density exceeded 150 grains·cm-2 in the outer and center rings of the three tree-shaped targets, and reached 100.60 grains·cm-2 in the inner ring. The droplet deposition coverage rates on the free, slender, and high spindles in the inner ring were 37.41%, 36.69%, and 35.47%, respectively, indicating that the droplet penetration ability of the profiling boom sprayer meets the requirements of plant protection. The developed profiling boom sprayer has improved the inherent serious drift problem of the air blower sprayer, and has provided inspiration for the research and development of orchard plant protection machinery.

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