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Title : Temporal Variations in Area, Production and Productivity of Food Grain Crops in Rajasthan, India

Abstract :

Indian economy is an emerging economy, but it is still an agricultural economy because here, most people earn their livelihood from agriculture. The present study for temporal changes in Rajasthan time series, data on area, production and yield per hectare of food grain crops were collected from 1976-77 to 2018-19. Rajasthan state as a whole was selected for the study. The time-series data were collected on area, production, and yield of selected seven Rajasthan crops from the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES), Directorate of Agriculture (DOA) and Rajasthan State Agriculture Department. The crops included were wheat, barley, maize, bajra, gram, moong and urad. The area under selected crops in Rajasthan changed remarkably from 1976-77 to 2018-19. The area under barley was reduced, which was shifted towards pulses, oilseeds and cereal crops like moong, urad, soybean, rapeseed & mustard and wheat. The area under wheat, maize, bajra moong and urad had increased during the study period. During the study period, the average total production and yield increased to unprecedented levels in all the selected crops. The area under gram and barley reduced during the study period. Therefore, technological support through varietal improvement and extension support is required.

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