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Title : Study on the Influence of PCA Pre-treatment on Pig Face Identification with RF

Abstract :

To explore the application of traditional machine learning model in the intelligent management of pigs, in this paper, the influence of PCA pre-treatment on pig face identification with RF is studied. By testing method, the parameter of two testing schemes, one adopting RF alone and the other adopting RF+PCA, were determined to be 65 and 70, respectively. With individual identification tests carried out on 10 pigs respectively, accuracy, recall, and f1-score were increased by 2.66, 2.76, and 2.81 percentage points, respectively. Except for the slight increase in training time, the test time was reduced to 75% of the old scheme, and the efficiency of the optimized scheme was greatly improved. It indicates that PCA pre-treatment had a positive effect on improving the efficiency of individual pig identification with RF. It provides experimental support for the mobile terminals and embedded application of RF classifiers.

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